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Stylish wedding suits suitable for every Groom in Melbourne



With the modern bride and groom becoming more style conscious, the search for wedding suits in Melbourne gets more difficult. It is now so much more important for the Groom to have a stylish, fitted suit to reflect his personality whilst embrace the style and theme of the happy occasion. Here at Panache Design, we take your wedding as seriously as you do.


So whether it is for a party or a wedding, we have the most elegant tuxedos around—from classic to shawl. We also have a wide variety of cummerbunds (waistbands) and studs to accessorise your formal wear and help you stand out in a crowd of the ordinary. With so many options, you can create a masterpiece of your own.


The tuxedo is the ultimate sartorial expression of elegance. It’s worn to rejoice in a moment, to mark an accomplishment, to celebrate and therefore we believe that the perfect tux can and should be more than just a formal suit. While a tuxedo tends to be worn sparingly, but a single wearing can carry with it a lifetime’s worth of meaning.

Not a Tuxedo person?


Events that require you to wear formal wear are restrictive enough. At Panache Design, we give you wide latitude to express yourself within your formal wear and not be limited to the standard black tuxedo. With an extensive selection of fabrics and style options, you can go beyond the usual.


Black wool is the standard when it comes to formal suits, but midnight blue offers a compelling alternative. The midnight blue is made from 100% extrafine wool, with the distinctive weave that gives these suits their exceptional texture and depth. Options include a jacket with silk lapels, usually satin, on a shawl or peaked lapel. While notched lapels is another option, it is generally regarded less formal and mostly used for business suits or casual jackets. You can add a few more options like Trousers with a single satin outer seams, a waistcoat, plain or pleated front white dress shirt with double cuffs and cufflinks, and a cutaway or winged standing collar. This can be complemented with a black silk bow or a slim tie matching the lapel facings and cufflinks.



So whether you’re after something traditional like a Tuxedo or a black/blue formal suit, our custom formals suit range is limited only by your imagination. If you have a look in mind, we can create it. Either way, we’ll make sure you look your best on the big day with various style & combinations.


Wedding Party


We can also suit up your groomsmen and are always happy to help you out with a special wedding package deal. Please refer to our wedding packages or send us an enquiry.

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