Tailored Overcoats - Panache Design
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Every man’s wardrobe should contain an overcoat, which not only keeps warm during the cooler months but also exhibits wearer’s elegance and taste. And just like any other piece of fine clothing, the perfect custom overcoat is all about the cut.


Most “off the rack” overcoats are either too baggy, too snug or have sleeves that do not complement with your suit jacket sleeve length. An overcoat should have flattering, smooth lines; a hint of waist suppression; and a hem that doesn’t bell out dramatically. At Panache Design, we have a fantastic variety of overcoat styles to keep you warm in the winter. We offer overcoats in wools, cashmeres and a variety of other fabrics with a vast selection of plains, stripes, colours and different weights to choose from. The perfect custom overcoat is an investment that will pay dividends for many years to come.

Since your overcoat is being made exclusively, you can choose any feature you want. Even the minute details like colour of button hole stitching can be customised. Here are some of the options that are available to you:


We offer a wide variety of coat styles, such as:

  • Single Breast or Double Breast
  • Wool or 100% Cashmere


Our coats are not limited to any one particular size either. Upon request, our tailors can design your coat in a variety of different lengths:

  • Short length (above knee)
  • Knee length
  • Long length (below knee)

Just like all our other garments, overcoats will be made to your exact measurements to fit over your suit jacket perfectly, or alternatively can be made more slim cut to go with your casual shirt and jeans.


A perfectly tailored coat accents the look of the professional man. The fashion statement doesn’t have to begin and end with the suit, extend it with our custom tailored masterfully crafted coats or, if functionality is motivation, keep warm in the autumn or winter with a uniquely styled fashion statement.

  • Buckle adjusters
  • Monogram
  • Real button holes
  • Button hole stitching colour
  • Matching collar
  • Personalised name label
  • Bemberg & silk lining
  • Fused or Canvassed
  • Cuff & collar style