How to look after a suit.
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11 Apr How to look after a suit

Many people do not know how to look after a suit properly that not only makes it appear old but also reduces the lifespan of the suit. Here are some of the basic tips that you can follow:


Incorrectly wearing can be one of the biggest reasons for causing significant damage to a suit. Just like other garments, suits also need to be looked after therefore it is important not to wear the same suit for two consecutive days, as it does not allow the woolen fabric to breathe. If you have limited suits in your wardrobe, always try and alternate your suits and it might be worth investing in a sports jacket for the Fridays, this will add style to your dressing and also extend the life of your existing suits. You should always ensure you do not put too much strain on the stitching, pockets and buttons by following simple steps like taking off your jacket while driving or while putting your hand luggage in the plane or even tying your shoe lace. You can also choose an option to buy an extra pair of trousers as the trousers wear out a lot quicker than jacket.


It is a very common practice for people to get their suits dry cleaned 4-5 times a year. However excessive dry cleaning causes significant amount of damage to the wool and once again reduces the life of the suit. This is mainly due to the harsh chemicals used in the dry cleaning process. A suit should not be dry cleaned more than twice a year and preferably from a dry cleaner that uses organic materials to clean the garments. If you happen to drop something on your suit, in most cases you can use a brush if it’s dry or use a damp cloth to wipe it off. It is also a good habit to occasionally hang your suit near the shower as the steam from the shower will refresh the suit and also reduce the wrinkles.


There are some suit fabrics that tend to wrinkle more than others. As mentioned above, hanging your suit near the shower steam would help reducing the wrinkles and will also keep it fresh. While ironing your suit, always remember to select wool option on your iron with steam to avoid any damage to the woolen fabric.


Always store your suits with plenty of space between them in a closet. If you are putting away your suit for a season or travelling, store your suit in a breathable bag. The cheap plastic bags do not allow the woolen fabric to breath and can potentially be attacked by moths and mold. It is also a good idea to sometimes hang your suit overnight in the room instead of hanging it in your wardrobe. It is also vital to use a hanger with formed shoulders for your jackets to maintain the shape around shoulders.

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