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The differences: bespoke and off the rack?

A bespoke suit is made exclusively for you after taking your 27 measurements to make sure it fits you perfectly. Off the rack suits are made according to your shoulder size, but it is not necessary that everybody with same shoulder size will have same sleeve length, waist, thighs, length etc.


Moreover, you will find less variety in off the rack suits, as they have the choices which a large percentage of population would be comfortable to buy, hence bespoke suit gives you a chance to stand out of the crowd.

Do you make ladies suits?

Yes we do. Currently we only replicate the existing style and fit. All you need to do is select the fabric and leave your existing garment with us for a few weeks.

Where is my order being tailored?

All orders are hand tailored in our workshops in Hong Kong and China. 

How long will my order take?

It takes 5-6 weeks for your suit to be delivered to you from the date of your order.   

Is it possible to request unique features?

Of course! Since the suit is being made exclusively for you, you can choose any feature you want. For suits you can choose the lapel style, number of buttons in front and on sleeves, slanting or straight pocket, extra ticket pocket, colour of lining inside the jacket. Even the minute details like colour of button hole stitching can be customised.


For shirts, you can choose any cuff style, pocket style, location of your initials. You can have different fabric inside the collar and cuff. For trousers you can choose number of pleats in front, turn ups at the bottom, pocket style. This is the beauty of bespoke suit that you don’t have to make any compromise.            

Worried about the fitting?

This should be more of a concern for us than for you, so stop worrying about it. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. We will alter the garment for you FREE of charge till it meets your expectations.    

Can I order extra pair of trousers with my suit?

Yes, extra pair of trousers can be ordered while ordering your suit or at a later stage.

What is the process of ordering a suit?

Please refer to our How it Works page by clicking here.

Do you keep measurements on file?

Yes, once our professional fashion consultant measures you, we will have your measurements and style preferences on file thus reordering suits is much easier in the future.   

What if the garment does not fit ?

90% of the time, after taking all your measurements and asking about your preferences, the garment fits you perfectly, but it is also about personal preferences and sometimes customers want the garment to be altered slightly. In such a condition, our fashion consultant comes to you, checks the fitting, collects the garment, gives it to the local tailor for alteration and returns it to you in 3-7 days without any extra cost to you.

What is the price range?

Please refer to our pricing page by clicking here.

Why should I choose Panache Design ?

We can talk about this all day long as we have a long list of good reasons to choose us. We will list a few of them below:


  • Fitting - A tailor made suit is exclusively made for you and hence fits you perfectly.
  • Price - The price of a good quality suit from a regular store is almost the same as our fully tailored suit. With fewer overheads compared to retail stores, we pass on savings to our customers by offering competitive prices.
  • Convenience - We come to your home or office to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. 
  • Variety - We have thousands of fabrics with different colours and patterns to choose from which is not available at regular stores.
  • Customer service - We have a 90% customer retention rate because of our good service. Also, unlike many other travelling tailors, we are permanently based in Australia.
Does my suit come ready to wear ?

Yes, your suit is absolutely ready to wear and dry cleaned when you receive it. However, you may want to steam iron it once before wearing it for the first time. 

Do you have a referral policy?

Yes, our business grows only through the good words spread by our valued customers and more than a policy it is our way of saying “Thanks” to you for caring about us.


You can learn more about our Referral reward policy by clicking here or by contacting us.