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We have an extensive experience, a passion for making men look immpeccable, and make it seem easy to do so.

Panache [ puh-nash, -nahsh] – an ornamental feather on a crown; style; flair. Taking the dictionary meaning of “Panache” to the next level, we at Panache Design make sure that our customers are always in style with elegance.

Different studies have shown that people who dress well and care about their appearance, are more successful in their professional and personal life. With our suits, we want to contribute towards your success. Each suit is a unique piece of handmade work, designed to perfectly fit the personality and allure of its wearer. With a vast selection of Italian and English fabrics, we give you the best of both worlds i.e. European quality and Asian prices by making your suit with skilled tailors in Hong Kong.

Our fashion consultants travel all over the globe and you can arrange a meeting with us at your home or work as per your convenience and unlike many other travelling tailors we are permanently based in Australia. Twenty eight measurements are taken before a client decides on his suit requirements: style, shape, finish, lining, lapels etc. Only then with patience and attention to detail, our qualified tailors embark on the 70 hour journey of creating a new Panache suit. You will love the selection as well as the expert advice of our well-trained consultants. The Panache Custom Clothing experience is one of unparalleled convenience, quality and value.

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